Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bubba: a retrospective

This week it occurred to me that I have not posted any photos of my family for a while… in fact since Simon was born last year. It’s time for a retrospective of Du Bubs, as Wendi affectionately calls him. I tend to call him Bubba. Whatever you call him, he’s a great guy and so much fun to be around! Usually, anyway ;-)

In December of last year, Don Vito Corleone made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

"Daddy, your fly is down." I have had this problem most of my life, but now I have this little guy to help me out.

This is how Wendi looks at me if I forget to take out the trash. Truly, he is his mother's son. Great.

Next are a few pics from his first birthday party at Mark's house. Those of you who were there probably remember that it didn't go to well. It started out happily enough...

"I want a cool slide like this of my own, Dad!" "Kid, we live in an apartment... sorry."

Simon and Justin, buddies (except if Sy has one of Justin's toys).

Ask not for whom the baby comes... he comes for Daddy.

All dads know that a major portion of their duties involves imitating a jungle gym.

I have my revenge!

Well, shortly after dinner, Simon fell off his chair and landed squarely on his forehead with a resonant *THWACK*. No real harm done, but he wasn't too happy even when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him later:

Poor little guy. We all felt bad for him. He cheered up a little when it was time for cake...

More or less, ha ha! He even shared some cake with his mommy...

Wendi finds the fingers and toes of young children to be tender and delicious -- and even more delectable with some frosting on top.

Well, the birthday party wasn't the best of times for our little guy. I guess birthday parties aren't really his idea of a good time right now. He does seem to enjoy beeing outside though. A few weeks later we went for a short hike near Kenosha pass:

The crisp autumn mountain air and peaceful stillness of the wilderness... rudely interrupted by the continual shrieking and jabbering in my ear of the little boy on my back!

Finally, Wendi's mom was in town to help after Wendi's surgery last week, which went perfectly BTW. We strolled around downtown Littleton and snapped a few pictures in the park:

I believe this is the most recent photo I have of our bubba at the moment.

Being a parent is demanding, tiring and expensive. It is also a lot of fun! I am learning more about how to do it every day. Simon is an intelligent, good natured kid, somewhat cautious in nature -- though he loves all kinds of foods, even broccoli! We have enjoyed getting to know him and watching his personality develop over the past year. I think I can safely speak for Wendi also when I say that we wouldn't trade this sweet little boy for anything in the world.