Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Poem" of the day #3

"Reign O'er"

The terrible tyrant trots out another excuse

Tries to rescue himself from the swing of the noose

"And the statues they build of me
must surely reflect my nobility
of blood, most goodly bred."

The armies clash in the streets outside

Even unto the fall of night

Black treason in the air

Hear the oaths the generals swear:

"This day we stand together,
if for no other
than each other."

Now, as the thunderclouds roll over the sun

Behold the chosen one

White trash son-of-a-gun

As the stars fortold

So done

The armies dash like water off his flanks

Victorious sign with a roar from the ranks

A forest of spears in the sky

The cries of hawks upon high

"Let the glory of this noon
be remembered.
Let each man to fight
choose his own legend."

Thus was the kingdom established

And prosperity reigned

Until the pestilence threatened

In the year of the plague

Thirty years yonder

Very few remained

Your humble blogger has been scribbling words of varying degrees of coherence in countless spiral-bound notebooks for many years. This is one small sample of them.


Mark said...

A reigny day in Denver. Well, snowy, but you get the idea.

So, this poem's about me, right? When I beat up Rodney Davis at the bus stop in 4th grade and then got tonsillitis the next week? That's what I'm reading in it. Don't call me a narcissistic just because everything happens to be about me. That's not my fault.

But seriously, I am interested in a little commentary on these poems. They're quite good and stand on their own, but I am interested in the context, what they meant to you, why you're choosing to share them now.

More, please. Give us more.

Matthew said...

You are far too kind. Just some words written about a year ago in a spiral-bound notebook, posted here to keep my New Year's resolution intact. That's the context. Like the others, it didn't have a title until I posted this...

I think I was getting my battle axe on, whilst commenting about how grand, heroic deeds and momentous events fade into history and are forgotten eventually, everybody dies, the world moves on. Just like my "poem".

Or better yet, make of it what you will.